In my last couple of stressful years, I have not been taking proper physical care of myself. Exercise has almost always been a go to for me. I’ve always been fit and strong (I don’t mean thin or fat). In the midst of exiting puberty aka perimenopause, I’ve had to take inventory of myself. What I saw was not pleasing or healthy. After investigating different avenues to kick start my journey, I settled on this plan. Be aware this is not about shame or hating my size, it is about my lack of fitness that could lead to lack of health. Here’s to the 10 Things I’ve Learned On Day 3 Of 21 Day Fix.

1) Tracking my food has shown me that I don’t eat enough. You read that right. I need to eat more. I’m stunned because I love food. Apparently I love the IDEA of food. I’m working on remedying it.
2) In addition to the above surprise, I find I also don’t eat many carbs or fruits. I prefer veggies, healthy fats, and protein. Weird upon examination, I’ve had regular bread once in the past month. Though tortillas, english muffins, and tortilla chips can have a date with me almost anytime.

3) I’m struggling with the dietary portion of the program being more carb heavy and very limited on healthy fats like nuts, avocado, etc. That said, I’m thankful beans aren’t off the list. Beans and I are besties. No they are not a magical fruit for me. I know what you were thinking.

4) I miss cheese. I. MISS. CHEESE. I find the portion per day sadly tiny. Sigh this too shall pass. Though…admittedly it is creative and thoughtful to make food not centering around it. After all the brainy combinations sans cheese, I’m sure at the end of 21 days I will require nachos. CHEESY NACHOS.

5) Since we buy good coffee and fresh grind it several days a week, drinking it black is not bad. I actually like it quite well.

6) The color coded portion containers are helpful and simple to use. It’s amazing how much fits into the itty bitty yellow one.

7) It feels great to workout again even though it is royally kicking my ass. I’m embarrassed to be so unfit. I’ve never been in this physical state, not even in pregnancies or postpartum. I’m not going for a size per se, but to regain my strength, endurance, and edge against mortality. And, yes to like myself better naked. The husband loves me all sizes. It’s all about my perception.

1013606_1528629457442359_6338188889568808118_n (2)
After first workout. Yes, I’m prone.

9) Autumn Calabrese, the program trainer is incredibly encouraging in the workout videos. She’s engaging, helpful, and uses supportive language. The workouts are easy to modify, even when I’m not certain I can do a particular activity well. She helps this chubby, out of shape 48 year old, believe I can do it.

10) The workouts are indeed killer. I find myself mirroring the not buffed out, normal looking woman in the video…but I, too, like her, am getting them done one minute at a time-with added curse words. Many added curse words. And prayer. She’s far better mannered than I am. And more flexible.

Stay tuned for more tracking of this much needed, long put off journey of reclamation. #forthehealthofit is my chosen social media hashtag.

For now, I’m hobbling off in my happily muscle screaming body. See you on the flipside.

Photo from New Health Advisor.

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