My “baby” is 13.5 years old so there have been no more children co-sleeping with us for a good many years. Well a cat or three generally sleep with us or rather sleep with our feet, but they hardly count. In light of this fantastical fact the bed is ours alone, the husband and I have been talking for quite some time about downsizing from a king to a queen sized bed.

The advantages are difficult to argue against.

  • More usable space in our 1971 built small and utilitarian master bedroom.
  • Easier to cuddle each other without the extra 16″ of bed width.
  • Less expensive bedding.
  • An open corner for my dream mini-fridge/coffee bar combination. Who wants to leave their bedroom? Not me.
  • Cuddling, did I mention that?
  • Less space for clutter under the bed.
  • More space for laundry baskets of clean, unfolded clothes. We’re not the only ones.
  • So on and so forth….

mattress_bed_chart_400We are obviously people slow to make change with our youngest being a teenager. It then begs the question, why now?  Yesterday, a friend posted on Facebook a free “pick it up and you can have it” queen sized mattress, box spring, and frame that had been used in her guest room.  Light bulb moment.  We could try out the downsized bed lifestyle with a small investment in a gel mattress pad topper and sheets BEFORE spending many times more buying a brand new bed set. What if we discover we hate sleeping smaller after all? I love the idea of being able to try it out first and having experiential data to work with lowering fret over spending ample money on a new bed set. This way we will know for certain which size suits us best. Absolutely brilliant!

Be assured, the free mattress will not go to waste when we buy a new one, it will be used as a guest bed.

How was the first night? Odd really. Comfortable and foreign, similar to sleeping in a hotel bed or at a friend’s house while being in your own room. I was hyper aware of the 16″ width loss whenever I turned over and with the husband’s snoring being closer to my ears. The cat did not seem to mind the less room by our feet though. It was pleasant only having two pillows on the bed instead of three for ease of use.

I look forward to testing this out over the next weeks before heading back to Ikea for the final choice.

Sweet dreams.


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